Importance of Maid Medical Check up

A domestic worker can work in different places, and with different types of people, and this thing can affect their healthy life. If anyone is thinking about hiring a maid then a medical check is important for being safe from any spreadable disease. Here we will see more things about the maid medical check up.

Types of maid medical check up:

There are some common types of checkups:-

  • Pre-employment checkup: This checkup is a necessary and basic step. In this doctors will do some required checkups of a maid for making inure that they are eligible for work or not. If any maid does not fail the test, so there is no problem for them. Maid with some health problems is not allowed to work in some homes in a specific country.
  • Six-month checkup: It’s the next step of a checkup, the doctor will send a message for the next checkups of maid medical check up. In this doctor will see that there is any problem after some months. The maid owner can also make a plan of some extra health checkups from doctors, so they can make sure their safety, and safety of their maid.


There are different types of checkups are included in six-month checkups, or in other checkups like immunity checkups, or checkups of some infections, which is spreadable. The medical checkup for a maid is a necessary part if someone wants a healthy lifestyle because the maid is also a part of the home.

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