The response that is simple and fast is a Small lock with a Locking Cam attached to the trunk. They come in many different sizes, shapes and configurations and costs from about $.80 for a tiny mechanical camera lock to $150.00 for a digital version. That is a lot of advice in a couple of sentences. Allow me to clarify this. The Locking Cam on the back of the lock is the locking mechanism and generally made from steel that offset will be directly or have a hook. It can have some layout that when the key is inserted into the lock and turned the camera will lock or unlock anything it is mounted on.

Cam Locks

Below is a list of some popular Camera lock styles:

  • Single Bitted – This is where the secret is cut on one side
  • Double Bitted – This is where the key is cut on either side
  • Tubular – This is where the secret includes a round or tubular design
  • High Security – These are camera locks manufactured by Cobra Lock, Ably or Medico and have a lock and key layout that hold a U.S. patent
  • Electronic – The lock and key are digital which provide a much higher degree of security

The cam locks are extremely versatile. They may be made out of distinct kinds of materials and come in sizes nas safety levels and various configurations. I will list a few of the major features below:

  • Can be Made from steel, stainless steel, brass, zinc alloy and plastic
  • Come in sizes ranging from 3/8 to over 2 in length
  • Can be assembled so the lock core is removable
  • Can turn either left or right, either 90 or 180 degrees
  • Many diameters could be made the standard is 3/4
  • Can be keyed alike, keyed different or master keyed
  • Could be made in electronic versions

This lock is as you can see one of the most versatile ever produced. The designs evolved and have changed, the materials have enhanced and the safety has increased. One thing has stayed the same; all camera locks operate a camera. George Luciano is a safety Professional with security and law enforcement expertise. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Criminal Justice. George holds 3 patents on various Padlock and Cam Lock layouts. This Mix gives His Business and George Locking Systems International Inc the Unique capability to provide the appropriate Lock with The Right Safety in the Right Price.

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