Sony PS4 Skins Technical Details – Part One

The Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One are the main competitors in the future generation video games console battle. With both devices as a result of launch in late 2013, Sony has currently introduced the full technological requirements of its most recent console. In this first of a two-part collection we take a detailed look at the PS4’s technological information.

Cpu (Main and Graphics)

At the heart of any console is the cpu. The PS4 will certainly use an unit made by AMD that is based upon a not-yet-released PC product, codenamed Jaguar. The CPU (short for central handling unit) will certainly feature 8 low-power cores and will certainly operate in combination with the Radeon based graphics refining device, or GPU. The GPU features 18 computing units, each running at 800MHz which, combined with the CPU, supplies the PS4 with 1.84 TFLOPS of computing power.

RAM (Ramdom Access Memory).

One of the standout numbers on the PlayStation 4’s specification sheet is its 8GB of GDDR5 RAM. This high-end memory is pricey and is hardly ever made use of in this amount, even in luxury PC graphics cards that on their own can cost as high as the PS4 is likely to cost. This makes it even more outstanding that it is consisted of in the dbz ps4 skins. The addition of this level of RAM as criterion is likely to future evidence the console to a particular degree.

It stays to be seen just how much of the RAM is needed by the PS4 operating system. Based upon experience of present generation consoles and high end pc gaming COMPUTER’s, we would expect a maximum of 1GB to be needed for this function, therefore leaving a considerable quantity free for PS4 video game playing tasks.

PS4 Skin Hard Drive

Internal Storage

Inner storage can be found in the kind of a 500GB 2.5-inch SATA conventional mechanical hard disk drive, quite a boost from that of the PlayStation 3 which only had a 20GB hard disk on launch. It has to be claimed though that the PS3 has actually undergone numerous variations given that it was initially introduced in 2006 and the most up to date incredibly slim models come which hard disk varying from 250GB to 500GB.

Optical Drive

The Sony PS4 will use an incorporated 6x CAV Blu-ray drive with a maximum checked out speed of 27 MB/s. This contrasts positively with the PS3’s 2x rate Blu-ray system that was covered at simply 9MB/s. Set free of the PS3’s throughput restrictions, the PS4 will be visibly quicker at disc to disk drive information transfer and will make first video game established much quicker, also thinking about the anticipated bigger files dimensions of the new generation video games.

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